Air Quality Update

The Marysville School District is monitoring air quality on a hourly basis.

UPDATE @ 2 PM: Air Quality at 159. This means all activities are indoors. District coaches and athletics staff are continuing to monitor levels and will act accordingly. If you have concerns, please work with your child's coach directly. Thank you for your work to keep our students safe and healthy!

If air quality is in the...

Green (0-49): No restrictions for athletics practice. 

Yellow (50- 100): No restrictions for practice, but staff will monitor students with inhalers and breathing issues. 

Orange (101 -150): Students may go outside but only to perform skill work with minimal exertion. All conditioning is done inside with staff monitoring athletes with an inhaler or breathing issues. 

Red (101 - 159): Students may go outside, walk only and stretch, anything strenuous must be done inside. 

Red (160+): Athletics restricted to indoors. 

We will always err on the side of caution! 

Thank you for your understanding and flexibility as we work together to keep our students healthy and safe!