About Us

19 Schools

The District serves students Pre through grade 12; one Early Learning Center, ten Elementary Schools, four Middle Schools, and four High Schools, including Parent Cooperative, School to Home Partnership, and Alternative Learning programs.

10,327 Students

We are proud of our diverse student and family population and celebrate diversity in each of our schools across the district. Over 34 languages are spoken, and we strive to meet each student's individual needs.

662 Classroom Teachers

Collectively, our teachers have 13.5 years of experience, many are highly qualified and/or are Nationally Board Certified.

84% 4-Year Graduation Rate

Our graduation rate is on the rise. 84% reflects the 2019 - 2020 school year and is an increase of 7.3% from the previous year.


Web Update

We are in the process of updating our district and school websites to improve web visits for our users. Thank you for your patience and feel free to contact us at (360) 965-0000. Feedback is welcome, email communications@msd25.org. Thank you!