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The Marysville School District Board of Directors adopted the following Marysville School District Equity Statement at their October 6, 2021 regular session meeting:

Marysville School District Equity Statement 

Working together with Marysville communities and Tulalip Tribes, the Marysville School District holds itself accountable for eliminating group-based disparities* and barriers* and ensures access to support each student in an equitable* and inclusive* environment. We value and honor the cultural diversity of every student, our families, staff, and community members in helping each student achieve personal and educational goals.

*disparities- a noticeable and usually significant difference  
*barriers- obstacles that can cause hindrance or stop progress completely
*equitable-  each person, receives what they need in the way   of  resources, attention, and support 
*inclusive -  welcoming spaces and opportunities for all

For more information about the District's equity work, go to