The below list is not all-inclusive. It is intended to capture major projects occurring across the district.

Cascade Elementary

  • Gym floor sanded and refinished
  • Replacement of rooftop heating unit

District Service Center

  • Minor remodel to create additional office space
  • Interior Painting

Early Learning Center

  • Developmental preschool added
  • Accommodations made to add second All-Day Early Childhood Education & Assistance Program
  • Addition of covered play area to increase outdoor recreation during inclement weather days
  • Redirection of bus drop off and pick up area

Pinewood Elementary

  • Changes to existing playground to accommodate additional classrooms, parking and improve student supervision (Map)

Marshall Elementary

  • Removal of trees in northwest corner of campus to improve safety

Totem Middle School

  • Exterior painting

Other Projects

  • Parking lot restriping as needed
  • School hallways painted as needed
  • Wood floors across district refinished
  • I Heart Marysville Program, July 31 - Aug 4 (School projects still TBD)
  • Surplus properties to be sold

For updates and photos as available, visit the Facilities Department page.