Improvements underway at Pinewood Elementary

If you happen to drive by Pinewood Elementary School located between 84th and 88th Streets and along 51st Ave NE, you may notice some heavy equipment, changes in the existing playgrounds, and the addition of portable classrooms to name a few.

There are some improvements underway at the school to enhance safety and security and address classroom needs. The office will be relocated so it is no longer in the center of the campus and additional campus fencing will be added. Parking improvements along with changes in the bus unload/load and parent drop off/pick up areas will also be made. The added classrooms will help reduce class size in grades K - 3 and allow the addition of a first grade highly capable program classroom.

These improvements will take place over the summer months and staff are working hard to coordinate the projects to be ready for the first day of school September 5. 

Click here to view a map of the changes. For a list of additional summer facilities projects, click here.