Equity and Family Engagement Department

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Meet the team!

Meet The Team!

Front Row: Zee Jimicum, Jazmin Guzman, Kateri Loe, Ada Garza, Rosario Garcia, Deanna Bashour, Judy Tupen, Karla Wright, and Alejandro Vergara
Back Row: Eneille Nelson, Nolan Ward, Chris McLeod, Wendy Messarina, Andrea Wyatt, Mike Fridrich, Pixie Owyen, Travis Hammond, Jose Gonzalez, Rosemary Peterson, and Alvaro Hernandez-Leon
Not Pictured: Matt Remle, Nancy Smith, Terrance Sabbas, Amy Sheldon, Irvin Enriquez-Olvera, Larisa Koenig, Priscilla Smith

We are committed to this work personally, organizationally, and as a community.

Eneille Nelson, Executive Director of Equity and Family Engagement  

   Marysville School District


District Office Support Staff

Family Support Liaisons

Eneille Nelson
Executive Director, Equity & Family Engagement

Andrea Wyatt
Director, Title I

Nancy Smith
Director, ELL

Nolan Ward
TOSA (Elementary Schools)

Travis Hammond
TOSA (Secondary Schools)

Chris McLeod
District Specialist

Native American Families

Matt Remle
Native American Education Coordinator
(Marysville Pilchuck High School)

Amy Sheldon
Native American Special Education Liaison
(Marysville Getchell High School)

Terrance Sabbas
Native American Liaison
(Totem Middle School)

Zee Jimicum
Native American Liaison
(Heritage High School)

Kateri Loe
Native American Liaison
(Quil Ceda Tulalip Elementary School)

Spanish Families

Wendy Messarina
Family Engagement Liaison
(Liberty Elementary)

Priscilla Smith
Family Engagement Liaison
(Quil Ceda Tulalip Elementary School)

Ada Garza
Student & Family Engagement Specialist
(Marysville Pilchuck & Marysville Getchell High Schools) (360) 965-2055

Russian/Ukranian Families

Svetlana Pasonok Student & Family Engagement Specialist
(360) 965-0055
Ресурсы и Материалы на Русском

Информация и Ресурсы для Семей на Русском Языке

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