The Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) in mathematics contain challenging new expectations for students and teachers. In the past, students were taught to find answers to math problems quickly often by learning various algorithms (a series of steps followed in arithmetic to derive an answer) and by memorizing quick tricks.

Today, not only do students learn to find answers to math problems but they also required to understand the meaning behind the mathematics used to find those answers. The goal is to make math useful as a meaningful tool to solve future problems long after the student has left school. In the process, our students develop mathematical ways of thinking such as:

  • looking for patterns and seeing regularity in repeated reasoning;

  • being precise with calculations and use of tools;

  • persevering in problem solving; and being able to explain his or her thinking while listening and evaluating others.

Below are some additional online resources. You may also contact your teacher if you have further questions or want more information.