Message to Families Regarding Nation-wide Marches

Dear MPHS Families,

As our country continues to search for answers around gun violence in schools, there are those who are looking to capitalize on a story. Recently several Marysville Pilchuck seniors have received inquiries via social media, specifically Twitter, to communicate with a journalist. This journalist is after a story in which we have no idea what direction it might go. Thankfully, our students have come to us asking for direction and they have not communicated back to this individual.

The Marysville School District and all our schools will be supportive of any student and community-led advocacy efforts and other measures that address the growing problem of violence in our country. We are committed to assisting students and our community to the best of our ability in their work and advocacy. However, we recognize that every mention of our tragedy and similar tragedies brings back trauma for our students and the entire community, and can create barriers to student success and their overall health. We are suggesting that students do not respond and notify school personnel. If they can get a screen shot, we can then communicate back to the individual.

A letter from the District will be sent to parents later today and will also be available on the District website and through social media.

We are asking that families be vigilant with students and social media. Keep the lines of communication open with your student and ask them to report any type of inquiry by strangers. We cannot dictate who our students can communicate with, however we can suggest that our students take precautions when subjected to outside media sources.

Please keep us in the loop on communications you receive so we can continue to move forward and heal together.

Dave Rose, Principal
Marysville Pilchuck High School