Congratulations to our fantastic MP artists who were accepted into this years Scholastic Arts Regional Art Competition!  

In art:  Katie Kennedy received an honorable mention award and Hannah Farris received one honorable mention and two silver key awards!!

And in ceramics:  Kendal Lien received a Silver key award and April Wheeler received an honorable mention and a Gold Key Award!!

Each student had to pay a submission fee, fill out a bunch of paper work, and be willing enough to submit their art to the competition... this process in itself is intimidating and the probability of rejection keeps most kids from submitting.  So these four girls are awesome for even trying!!

These projects and many more from around the region will be on display at the Schack Art Center in Everett (2921 Hoyt Ave)  from February 12 through March 4.  The awards ceremony will be held at the Historic Everett Theatre at 6:30 and opening exhibit reception at the Schack from 5-9 on February 12.  If you have a free evening please support your MP artists and check out this amazing high school art exhibit!  

Louie Jones and Caroline King, Fine Arts Instructors