Jason Thompson, Superintendent

The Marysville School District appointed Jason Thompson to serve as Superintendent in a 3-0-2 vote at their regular session board meeting November 19 with Directors Maksimos, Lundberg, and Albright voting yes, Directors Edwards and Nation abstaining from the vote.

In a news release published on November 15, Dr. Tom Albright, President, shared the intentions of the board for the potential appointment:

“Although there are some details to work out, we are very pleased with Mr. Thompson’s leadership over the past eleven months and feel he is the right person for the job at the right time,” says Dr. Tom Albright, Board President. “The District has been through a lot in the past months and we feel that keeping Mr. Thompson at the helm is in the best interest of our students, families, staff, and the District. He has worked hard to bring stability and positive change and has made some tough decisions necessary to improve the educational environment for our students, families, and staff. Some examples include finalizing a year-long process of engagement with stakeholders, responding to what was learned by restructuring positions at the District to bolster communications and engagement and address student safety and security, creating a focus on improving relationships and building trust throughout the organization, working to create a culture of customer service, and completing successful negotiations with teachers in uncertain state funding times”.

After the formal board action, Mr. Thompson thanked the board and the audience members who spoke prior to the formal action. "I appreciate those who addressed the board during public comment. Although I know that there are some questions and uncertainty, I want you to know that I am appreciative of this appointment, I am listening, and my door is always open. I am looking forward to serving as Superintendent of the Marysville School District and will continue to work together with my leadership team and staff to serve every single child in our district" said Thompson.

To read the full version of the November 15 news release, click HERE.