Msvl. WA - The Marysville School District is planning for the return of students to 100% in-person teaching and learning for the upcoming school year. Recognizing the impacts the Pandemic has had on students’ learning and social and emotional well-being, the district surveyed parents and met with various parent and community groups to gather information on what they felt students need most. The feedback received will help to shape the district’s “Student Academic and Well-Being Plan”. Common feedback themes that emerged include the following:

  1. Social-Emotional/Mental Health Support

  2. Catching Up Academically

  3. Social Service Coordination and Resource Access

  4. The Need to Rebuild School Communities - Focus on Relationships, Social Skills, Trust, and Communication

  5. Welcoming Families Back - Rebuilding Culture of Trust and Support; “We have to be more than just school’ now” wrote one responder.

In support of the plan, the school board adopted Resolution No. 2021-13; Academic and Student Well-Being Recovery Plan, and heard a report on the plan from interim Deputy Superintendent Chris Pearson. “We are excited for students to return to full-time, in-person teaching and learning this fall. This move aligns with Phase 6 our school district’s Reconnect Plan” says Lori Knudson, Acting Superintendent. “The health and safety of our students and staff will remain a top priority,” she added.

Most recently, the district sent out a separate survey to ask parents and guardians to share their intentions for the new school year. Parents and guardians have until May 28 to respond to the Fall 2021 Return to School survey.