Paraeducator Requirements




The GENERAL Paraeducator Certificate [GPC] is the only required certificate, if funded, in the Paraeducator Certificate Program. To earn this certificate a paraeducator must complete an additional 70 clock hours of training within 3 years after completing the FCS. The district is responsible for ensuring all employed paraeducators meet the requirements of the certificate. 

While working on your GPC, you may, as an option, also choose to work on the Subject Matter Certificates (EL and / or SpEd).  Each course - EL or SpEd - is a 20 hour course.  Again, these are optional courses. 

Please refer to the Infographic regarding the different components of the Paraeducator Requirement Program. There is a certificate processing fee which is the responsibility of the paraeducator and not the district. The following fees will be assessed when a paraeducator applies for a certificate in E-Cert once the hours have been earned:

  • General Paraeducator Certificate (lifetime) $74

  • ELL Subject Matter Certificate (valid for 5 yrs)  $54

  • Special Education Subject Matter Certificate (valid for 5 yrs) $54

  • Advanced Paraeducator Certificate (valid for 5 yrs) $54


Training to meet the requirements of the GPC is broadly conceived: any training that will assist the instructional practice of a para may count towards the completion of this certificate.

  • -  A great source of training might be training which is already provided to teachers. You are welcome and encouraged to attend MSD offered trainings which offer clock hours. Please let your building principal know if you would like to participate.
    -  If you choose to take courses outside of the district, please refer to OSPI's approved clock hour provider list. All clock hour eligibility courses must be through an approved clock hour provider.

    • *  Be sure to sign in each time you attend and fill out a Clock Hour form at the conclusion of the course.
      *  Please submit all Clock Hour forms to Human Resources for processing once your training is complete.
      *  Once the form is processed, it will be returned to you. The last step is to upload the form into your    E-Cert account. 

    • _________________________________________

    • If you are interested in completing one or both of the Subject Matter courses, please contact Human Resources. The courses are available in Canvas.  

    • -  The Canvas Modules are time-driven and should take 20 hours for each Subject Matter. 

    • *  The system logs the amount of time you spend on each module. If you rush / skip through, you will only get credit for the time you spent.
      *  Journals are required and can be submitted at the end of the course to Human Resources via scan/email or district interoffice mail. 


A drawing of the school's building

We have provided you with Canvas modules for taking courses online. You will be sent a link to complete the modules.


Reflective Questions: FCS010 Intro

Reflective Questions: FCS010 Elem/Sec


Salary Credit Form (for face-to-face courses only)

FCS Online Application (for online module courses)

Frequently Asked Questions

2019-20 Para Training Schedule (contact 360-965-0070 to register for face-to-face courses) UPDATE APRIL, 2020: Due to COVID-19, we will be offering video courses for staff to take. 

What this means for you, as a K-12 Instructional Paraeducator:

1. Step 1:  School districts must provide Fundamental Course of Study (FCS) training to all K-12 instructional paraeducators beginning with the 2019-20 school year. [Courses may take place online or via a face-to-face presentation.]

  • For the 2019-20 school year paras are required to obtain 14 hours in the FCS units 1-12.

  • For the 2020-21 school year paras are required to obtain 14 hours in the remaining FCS units 1-12.

  • The district will be designating eligible online courses for completion of FCS units.

2. Once paraeducators complete the 28 hours, the district will issue a clock hour form.  Paras will then need to create an E-Cert account in the Education Data System (EDS) through OSPI to upload the clock hour forms. 

3.  More information will follow on how to set up your E-Cert account.

4.  Step 2:  Paraeducators must earn an additional 70 hours of training after completing the FCS training. This is for the General Paraeducator Certificate and they have 3 years in which to do so.

More details on the Paraeducator Certificate Program are available on the Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) website.