Free and Reduced Program

We have officially been approved to operate under the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP).

This means a few things for MSD25 and our students:

The Consent to share form is not carrying over into the new school year. Each family will need to submit a new Family Income Survey and Consent to Share form for the 23-24 school year. All students will still receive meals for free, but Free and Reduced Program Eligibility must be reapplied for within 30 days of the new school year to avoid any drops in eligibility. Forms will need to be submitted and processed with the district before they can receive any additional fee waivers (ASB card, athletic pay to play, etc.) Processing will take an average of one week from the time they submit their form to the school secretary to when it shows up in the InTouch system. The sooner these forms are filled out and returned, the better for all involved!

These forms were included in the district wide mailing, however we will also have them available in the Cashier's Office, Main Office, and Athletics Office.

FYI - Overall Process (this will take an average of 1 week, can take 2-3 weeks in the first week of school due to volume of submissions)

1. Parent/Guardian fills out and signs Family Income Survey and Consent to Share Form

2. Submit form to Cashier's Office or Main Office

3 School secretary will submit the form to the District Office for approval

4. District Office processes the form and determines eligibility; they will send a notification letter to parents via USPS

5. If eligible, the District Office will enter it into our system; it then will take 24 hours to show in the school's cashiering system (InTouch).

6. Students/Parents/Guardians can receive their Pay to Play and ASB Card with appropriate waived fees

If you have any questions or need clarification, do not hesitate to reach out!

ASB Cashier/Bookkeeper - Karen Brand