Madison Doty

ASB Teacher

Karen Brand

ASB Bookkeeper



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In an effort to be mindful of taxpayer dollars, we have another change coming your way. MSD allows credit/debit cards by students/parents/others in an attempt to provide convenience. Unfortunately, we've calculated that cost to be over $25K a year. This means we are shortchanging student programs to pay for credit/debit card use fees.

We've worked with our current credit card company and will start charging $1/use for a credit/debit card. This amount is just under what it is costing us in fees from the credit card company.



The Associated Student Body (ASB) of Marysville Pilchuck High School is a group of student leaders who strive to provide a safe environment where students can grow both academically and socially. A place where students, staff, and community all work together for the betterment of our school and surrounding community.

The purpose of this organization shall be to:

  1. Promote responsibility, academic growth, leadership, and experience in self-government.

  2. Promote student enterprises, which may come within the authority of such an organization.

  3. Set and accomplish goals for the school year.

  4. Develop school spirit.

Why ASB?

ASB supports activities and essential programs that are not currently supported by traditional means. ASB monies fund dances, assemblies, yearbooks, student store inventory, staff and student recognition, field trips, club activies, Hype Night giveaway and so much more!

Do I need to purchase an ASB card?

The answer is YES if you will be participating in athletics, music, clubs, or student council. The money raised by selling ASB activity cards is used to support student activities.