Welcome to Purchasing

The purchasing department is responsible for the procurement, transfer, and disposition of all supplies, instructional materials, equipment and services (except payroll) used in the school district in conformity with the policies and regulations of the Board of Directors and legal requirements.


Purchasing Requirements

A purchase order is required when ordering:

  • Preview materials
  • Supplies
  • Materials
  • Contractual services, including renting parks and facilities, or equipment.

Regular requisitions will be processed into purchase orders within five business days* of appearing in the purchasing approval queues if all information is complete and attachments have been received in the Purchasing Department. If the requisition requires a contract or insurance documents, additional time will be required.

If employees place orders without a purchase order, they could be personally responsible for payment. Please contact the Accounting Department for issues regarding employee reimbursements.

* During peak times in May/June and August/September, requisitions may take 7-10 business days to process.

Items awarded through the bid or quote process must be purchased from the awarded vendor. Please refer to Current Bids and Quotes under Purchasing Home.

A checklist for expediting your requisitions:

  • Item description is complete and includes information such as item number, item color or size, workshop date, location, attendees, and shipping cost
  • Appropriate requisition codes are used in the requisition boxes
  • Appropriate vendors are used for bid and quote awards
  • Correct items are ordered if part of a bid or quote
  • Attachments for the vendor have been added to the requisition in Skyward. The Purchasing Dept. will fax the attachment with the P.O. number written on the documents

If hiring anyone for services or renting equipment, facilities or park, contact Gregg Kuehn at 360-965-0110 for approval.

Reminder: The use of requisition codes on your requisition can provide valuable information for the Purchasing Department as well as speeding up the purchase order process. These are typed into one of the ten small fields on the requisition screen. Refer to the Requisition Code Information section in the menu.

Purchasing Procedures

Purchases under $50 are not processed through the purchasing department. There are 3 options for these small purchases: 1) the business/company can receive a check from Accounts Payable by paying from a direct quote submitted to A/P with a completed MSDRequisition2000 form; 2) items can be purchased out-of-pocket and invoice/ receipt submitted with a Reimbursement form (BO-2) to accounts payable; or 3) use building procurement card (Pcard).

Purchases of $25 to $250 can be completed using building procurement card (except textbooks, equipment, or furniture) or an on-line requisition with administrator’s approval and appropriate account data can be submitted to the Purchasing Department to generate a Purchase Order.

All purchases over $25 require administrative approval prior to submittal of on-line requisition to Purchasing.

Orders for computers, software or computer related items must be approved by Director of Technology/ Telecommunications (Scott Beebe). District standard equipment and software shall be ordered on Technology Price/Order Form. Once submitted to and approved by Technology, Technology Secretary will enter on-line requisitions. 

Equipment purchases in the amount of $250 or more require a purchase order. In addition, state law prohibits employees from purchasing equipment with personal funds.

Additional Information

Centralized Receiving. All purchase orders submitted will require delivery to the district warehouse. Once all items are received and tagged for inventory (if necessary), they will be delivered to the building. A signature is required for all items delivered. Schools do not receive the pink receiving copy of the purchase order; the blue file copy will be returned to the school as documentation of the order being processed. 

Open Purchase Orders are not to be used for equipment purchases. Open Purchase Orders are to be used for supply items only. 

Purchases made with building/district procurement cards have a per transaction limit. Procurement cards are to be used primarily for small items of a low value. No furniture will be purchased using your procurement card. All equipment & furniture in excess of $250 must be on a requisition for inventory purposes. Furniture under $250 must be a purchased on a requisition or by the purchasing manager on Purchasing procurement card for rush items.

Office Supply Orders

  • Office supplies can be purchased on-line from Office Depot using your own school account and Open Purchase Order or Pcard. 
  • Orders placed by 4 p.m. will be delivered to your location by Office Depot the next day.
  • KCDA on-line ordering is also available. If you have not received training and password, please contact Purchasing (Ext. 20106) for a KCDA contact number.


ESD 112 – Educational Service District 112
KCDA – King County Directors Association
NCPA – National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance
TCPN/NATIONAL IPA – The Cooperative Purchasing Network/National Intergovernmental Purchasing Alliance
TIPS – The Interlocal Purchasing System
WSIPC – Washington School Information Processing Cooperative