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Our district community of learners includes over 11,000 students housed in eleven elementary schools, four middle schools, and eight high schools.

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10th Street Middle Terri Kaltenbach 360-653-0665 10th Street Home Page 
Academy of Construction and Engineering (Msvl. Getchell Campus) Shawn Stevenson 360-657-6374 ACE Home Page 
Allen Creek Elementary Janelle McFalls 360-653-0660 Allen Creek home Page 
Arts and Technology (Msvl. Tulalip Campus) Terri Kaltenbach 360-653-0664 A & T Home Page 
Bio-Med Academy (Msvl. Getchell Campus) Angela Delgado 360-629-1891 Bio Med Home Page 
Cascade Elementary Teresa Williams 360-653-0620 Cascade Home Page 
Cedarcrest Middle Sheila Gerrish 360-653-0850 Cedarcrest Home Page 
Grove Elementary Sharon Anderson 360-653-0647 Grove Home Page 
Heritage High School (Msvl. Tulalip Campus) Shelly Lacy 360-653-0690 Heritage Home Page 
International School of Communications (Msvl. Getchell Campus) Susan Hegeberg 360-653-0695 ISC Home Page 
Kellogg Marsh Elementary Eneille Nelson 360-653-0643 Kellogg Marsh Home Page 
Liberty Elementary Gloria Henderson 360-653-0625 Liberty Home Page 
Marshall Elementary & MCEP (Co Op) Kelly Sheward 360-653-0630 Marshall Home Page 
Marysville Middle Angela Hansen 360-653-0615 Marysville Middle Home Page 
Marysville Mountain View  Dawn Bechtholdt 360-653-0628 MMVHS Home Page 
Marysville Pilchuck High School Deann Anguiano and Rob Lowry 360-653-0600 Marysville Pilchuck Home Page 
Pinewood Elementary Breeze Williams 360-653-0635 Pinewood Home Page 
Quil CedaTulalip Elementary School Kristin DeWitte and Anthony Craig 360-653-0890 Quil Ceda Tulalip Home Page 
School for the Entreprenuer High School (Msvl. Getchell Campus) Dave Rose 360-651-5702 SFE Home Page 
Shoultes Elementary  Lynn Heimsoth 360-653-0640 Shoultes Home Page 
Sunnyside Elementary  Rhonda Moore 360-653-0645 Sunnyside Home Page 
Totem Middle Tarra Patrick 360-653-0610 Totem Home Page 
Showing 22 items