Naviance is a district-wide comprehensive Career and College Readiness planning tool for students in grades 6-12. Naviance helps students align their strengths and interests to their post-secondary goals to improve student success. High School and Beyond Plans (HSBP) are a Washington State graduation requirement. The HSBPs are designed to help students think about their future and choose coursework that prepares them for their goals after high school. To meet graduation requirements students must complete their HSBP scope and sequence for each grade level. At Marysville Mountain View Arts & Technology, students meet their HSBP and Naviance through our advisory classes.

Naviance is a blended learning experience that helps develop critical 21st Century Employ-ability Skills and post-secondary knowledge, plus instills confidence so that students persevere to reach their long-term career and college readiness goals.

Naviance Contact:

Trace Prael