The month of March is all about getting Marysville School District's newest members ready for their learning journey! 

Rudy the Racoon and Student

Kindergarten is an important milestone for students and families as it marks a child's entry into elementary school. A child must turn 5 years of age by August 31 to be eligible to start kindergarten in September.

Visit your local elementary school starting March 1 to register your child for kindergarten.

Or register at one of the Kindergarten welcome events. Remember to check in at the main office.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our district office or your neighborhood school.


Visual Map of Elementary Schools


Welcome to Kindergarten

The Washington Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills (WaKIDS) is a transition process that helps ensure a successful start to the K-12 experience and connects the key adults in a child’s life.
WaKIDS takes place the first three (3) days of the start of school, and kindergarteners officially start school the following Monday.More information visit the WaKIDS website

Find your School & Bus Route

The following directions will assist you in finding the information you need for your student's school and bus information.

1. To find Route Information - click HERE2. For USER NAME enter: school1, school2, school3, school4, school5 or school63. PASSWORD: search
4. Click on LOGIN5. Enter in the grade level, and address6. Click on FIND SCHOOL/TRANSPORTATION INFO

Note: If the program gives you a bus stop or stops without pick up or drop off times please call transportation at (360) 965-0311.