The committee will act as an advisor to the Board of Directors and Superintendent by providing support, guidance, and information about issues related to equity, diversity and inclusion in our schools and programs and by recommending changes to policy, procedure and practices within the district to make Marysville School District a more welcoming, inclusive organization. The Equity and Diversity Committee will focus on the following:
    Review current policy and procedure with intent to draft recommendations of new and/or revised language to board policies to guide and support a focus on equity/diversity throughout the district.
    Examine the cultural aspects of our community including language, cultures, student performance and program participation, and discipline data to inform our policy and/or procedural recommendations.

Development of foundational principles and language to inform and guide the District’s Strategic Plan.
    Recommend practices and policies to provide ongoing professional development for staff and training for students and families in issues of diversity and equity.

Committee Meetings

The Marysville School District’s Equity and Diversity Committee will meet at least monthly in a calendar to be determined by the committee membership. 

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Guiding Principle

The district believes in and is committed to creating safe, caring, mutually respectful environments where all students are honored and valued for their diverse backgrounds, unique strengths, and diverse abilities. We affirm in our actions each student can, will, and shall learn in a system where educational equity is foundational to all we do. Educational equity exists in a system when there is an intentional allocation of resources, instruction, and opportunities according to need and the system recognizes and values the unique contributions of every individual. We recognize based on factors including but not limited to disability, race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, gender identity and culture students in many systems, including MSD, are regularly deprived of educational equity. Achieving educational equity requires a concerted effort to first identify discriminatory practices, institutionalized barriers, bias, prejudices, and beliefs and then to take intentional action through a change in policies, practices, and procedures to end those discriminatory issues within our school system.

Desired Characteristics of Committee Members

The Board of Directors will appoint a committee that includes people from varied backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences who:

  • Bring knowledge, experience, and relationships that reflect the diversity of the Marysville, Tulalip, and surrounding communities
  • Have a strong interest in issues of educational equity
  • Can engage in the process of institutional change related to equity and inclusion
  • Have experiences across multiple dimensions of diversity
  • At least one representative of the Tulalip Tribes
  • At least one representative of the Latinx community
  • Are willing to serve a full term and be fully committed to attend committee meetings
Composition of MembersEx-Officio Members
Committee Chair – Director of Equity, Diversity, and Indigenous Education
8 Community Members / Parents / Guardians
3 Administrators (School and/or District Leadership)
3 MEA members
1 SEIU member
1 PSE member
4 Students
Assistant Superintendent
Executive Director of Schools
2 School Board Members