The state school superintendent (OSPI) has recommended that schools not attempt online learning unless districts can guarantee that ALL students have equitable access.

Marysville School District will not offer online school during this closure. We cannot do so and guarantee equitable access for every student nor can we provide the various student services that are necessary for a free adequate public education. 

Online school is not an equitable option because:

  • MSD serves a diverse community with varied access to technology. We cannot ensure all students have access to digital devices and the internet at home.
  • Many of our families work. When schools are closed, we cannot ensure all students have an adult at home to support their learning.
  • We cannot provide all students with disabilities their federally-mandated free and appropriate education via online learning. 

So what can we do? Online Learning Enrichment

Elementary Resources: Learning Enrichment Page for Elementary

Secondary Resources: Learning Enrichment Page for Secondary

To support at-home learning and reinforce in-school learning at home, we have compiled a list of online resources that will provide students with practice using instructional tools.

We are also compiling non-digital resources for students and families.

This will not replace teacher instruction, rather we are reinforcing skills taught in the classroom or are connected to anchor standards.

We created a Learning Enrichment Page for Elementary and aLearning Enrichment Page for Secondary site that provides information for each tool we have available. Information on this site includes:

  • Purpose
  • Who has access
  • Recommended use
  • Links to apps and websites

We will continue to develop and add to this resource over the coming weeks, and we will add some additional opportunities as we engage further with our teachers and provide professional development for more tools.