Friday, January 20 - schools closed

posted Jan 19, 2012, 2:35 PM by Web Admin
Marysville Schools will be closed on Friday. 

Given the accumulation of snow and the uncertainty of the coming thaw, there is not enough time between now and Friday morning to start and chain 100 buses and clear all of the driveways, walk areas and parking lots at our 22 schools.  It also appears unlikely given the continued snow this morning and coming ice that all side streets and sidewalks will clear in time for students to get to school safely were we to go two hours late on Friday. 

By working over the weekend and giving more time for melting snow and ice, we can:
- insure that both main roads and side streets are drivable, for buses, staff and high school students.
- give time for sidewalks to clear so students are not walking in the road way.
- give time for district parking lots and sidewalks to thaw and clear.
- insure that all of the buses will start after an extended period of cold weather.
- provide for the safety of students, bus drivers and staff in getting to school.
- insure that PUD / PSE have time to restore power (and heat) to all schools.
- insure delivery of fresh milk and food for school lunches.
- clear storm drains to prevent flooding from the melting snow and ice. 

The four missed days of school will be made up in June ... June 15, 18, 19, and 20. 

A new school calendar will published and posted to our web site soon.

January 25th will remain as a 90-minute early release.

January 26th and 27th will be full school days. 

Weather has also delayed ... by five days ... finals, report cards, and the end of the semester.