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Guiding Principles:

The Information Systems and Applied Technology Department provides efficient and effective support for all instructional and administrative technology resources for students and staff.   This statement is addressed in two areas of focus for the department:  instructional to support the mission and technical to support the data and network systems of the Marysville School District.


  • Provide standardized and specific tools and digital resources (hardware, software, online subscriptions) for the improvement of student learning.
  • Provide appropriate instructional technology resources to support a rich learning environment.
  • Maintain a professional development and training program for all staff that fosters effective use of technology in support of teaching and learning in a variety of options. 


  • Build and maintain a technical architecture that provides a strong and scalable foundation in support of the goals of the Marysville School District.
  • Ensure management systems operate effectively.
  • Monitor policies, procedures and technologies to ensure that computing resources are secure and recoverable.
  • Maintain systems for communication and collaboration throughout the district.
  • Provide skills training for technical staff.