The Marysville School District is committed to making sure our students have school buildings that foster academic success and are safe. The February 11, 2020 measure will help improve school safety and security and rebuild Liberty and Cascade elementary, two of our schools with the greatest facility needs.   

Each building will be replaced with efficient buildings that maximize space for learning and improve student safety.
Welcoming and inviting entrances into the schools including electronic access controls and cameras to enhance safety and security.
The outdated conditions and systems make it fiscally responsible to replace the buildings rather than invest in major improvements and upgrades.
By rebuilding our highest facility needs schools, with plans to continue improving our schools across the district in the future.

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The Capital Levy amount would be $120M and cost taxpayers $1.93 per thousand of assessed home value for a period of 6 years. A Capital Levy is different from a bond as the levy requires 50% plus one to pass where a bond requires a 60% supermajority. The adoption of the resolution is a positive step forward to provide our district with the best possible chance of having the ability to replace the two schools with the greatest need. To read the detail of the Resolution adopted by the Board of Directors - click HERE. Stay tuned for more information about the Capital Levy measure.